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Botany, Yoga Classes & Corfiot Cuisine Corfu

While staying with us you will have the opportunity to take part in extra activities (upon request): you will learn the fundamentals of plant science (botany) and take part in yoga and Corfiot cuisine classes.


The diverse natural environment of Corfu along with the existence of a wide variety of plants and trees growing there gain the attention of people who wish to learn more about plant science or botany, by exploring plants or trees, discover their parts and identify patterns in nature. While on Corfu, you may have the chance to become familiar with botany and understand the use of each plant and herb.

Another interesting activity on Corfu island would be yoga classes, either private or in groups, organized by qualified instructors. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on yoga classes and meditation.

Finally, a nice alternative for spending your time on Corfu would be through taking part in Corfiot cuisine classes, where you will be able to learn about secret recipes and the ideal mix of ingredients in order to prepare the delightful traditional dishes of Corfu, such as sofrito, pastistada, bourdeto.

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