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The Village

Kavvadades, CORFU
history & tradition

Kavvadades, CORFU GREECE

The estate got it’s name from grand grand father Mastrogianni. 120 years before “Mastrogiannis” lived in the village “Kavadades” and his main job was building houses, small furnitures and other useful things. This is was the reason that the people from the village gave him the nick name “Mastrogiannis”. The Mastrogianni’s family, three generations of skilful builders, whose hands have created many traditional local houses in the surrounding area.The fields, a vital place, their corps have raised generations and continue to give generously olive oil, lemons, oranges, mandarins, and many vegetables. The view of the sea, the golden-green of old olive trees and the cypress tree hills, compose a unique scenery. The village life reflects in our minds… The grandfather, the grandmother, playing games in the yard, local tastes, the touch and smell of nature. All these, led the younger generation daughters of the family, with their own families now, to create beautiful homes that will make you feel like home and share a memorable experience.



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