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Corfu is one of the most famous islands within Greece, with both Greeks and holidaymakers amazed with the beautiful beaches and the great accommodation opportunities. While on Corfu, do not forget to head to its lively capital, the town of Corfu – especially the part of the old town – and visit the two fortresses, offering a special insight into life in the past.
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Kavvadades, CORFU GREECE

About 35 kilometres away from Corfu’s town, to the northwest of the island, you will find Kavvadades, an area of less mass-tourism. This village is within short distance from the famous sandy beaches of Arillas, Agios Georgios Pagon, Agios Stefanos & Porto Timoni, where you can enjoy unique moments of relaxation and fun.These amazing beaches are very safe for swimming and perfect for families with young children, nature enthusiasts and hikers. In Kavvadades there are several family-run companies, selling local products, such as olives and olive oil, honey, wine and fruit, which have been cultivated by locals, wishing to offer products of great quality.
Finally, in the area of Kavvadades and within short distance from Mastrogiannis Country Retreat (500-600 m.) some local shops to buy fresh meat and bread and a supermarket.



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